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A1 Car Valet Services

A1 Car Valet Services is committed to excellence and offers a wide variety of services to help keep your car looking as good as it did on the day you purchased it. We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction, with prices stating from as little as £15.00 and a collection and delivery service available on request.

Use the links below to learn more about each of the services we can offer.

Mini Valet
  • Full body wash
  • Inside windows polished
  • Interior vacuumed
  • Dashboard Cleaned
  • Tyres dressed
Mini Valet from
Showroom Valet

Includes the Mini Valet plus

  • Full body wax and polish
  • Interior and exterior windows polished
  • Wheels and tyres dressed
  • Door shuts cleaned
  • Interior and boot vacuumed
  • All interior and exterior plastics dressed and polished
  • Fully deodorised
Showroom Valet from
Interior Valet
  • Inside windows polished
  • Door panels and visors washed
  • Interior vacuumed
  • Seats and carpets pre-cleaned, shampooed and
    power extracted
  • All interior plastics dressed
  • Fully de-odourised
  • Leather Treatment also available
Interior Valetfrom
Prestige Valet
  • Full body wax and polish
  • Engine bay cleaned and lacquered
  • Wheels cleaned and tires dressed
  • Wheel arches cleaned and lacquered
  • Door shuts cleaned and polished
  • Door panels and visors washed
  • Interior vacuumed
  • Seats and carpets pre-cleaned, shampooed and power extracted
  • All interior plastics dressed
  • Fully de-odourised
  • Interior and Exterior windows polished
Prestige Valet from
Body Glazing & Fabric Protection

Silver Seal
Total Car Protection Pack

The condition of a car's paintwork has a direct link to it's value. Silver Seal is a guaranteed protectant for paintwork and upholstery which protects and adds value.

How Was It Developed?
Silver Seal is exclusively researched, manufactured, distributed and guaranteed by Autosmart International. Silver Seal was extensively tested in Scandinavia, where the weather plays a huge part in paintwork deterioration. Silver Seal Paint Protector contains Flourocarbons, a technology originally developed to help protect the exterior of spacecraft.

How Is Silver Seal Different?
Independent scientific tests prove that Silver Seal Paint Protector lasts longer that any other product on the market.

Customer Peace Of Mind
Every customer who purchases a Silver Seal application receives an individual certificate, guaranteeing the effectiveness of Silver Seal products for:

  • 3 years if applied to a brand new vehicle OR a vehicle with up to 25,000 miles registered at time of application of Silver Seal and is less than 5 years old.
  • 2 years if applied to a vehicle less than 5 years old and between 25,000 and 50,000 miles registered at time of application of Silver Seal
  • 1 year if applied to a vehicle under 5 years old, with over 50,000 miles registered at the time of application of Silver Seal

Fabric Protection

Car seats and carpets are treated with a specialist waterproof coating to seal out moisture and resist staining. Liquids such as tea, coffee and milk simply bead on the surface whilst dust and pet hairs are easily removed. Guaranteed for up to 3 years.

Odour Elimination


Mini Valet

We provide a permanent solution to in-vehicle odors. Our system uses dry vapour produced from natural essential oils in order to neutralise and permanently remove malodours such as those produced by tobacco smoke, animals and food. It also re-odourises and refreshes stale vehicle interiors.

Whenever we clean a car we clean it thoroughly inside and out, however there are just some smells that ordinary cleaning can't get out.

Tobacco, pets and food can all leave their traces in your car. If you are unfortunate enough to spill milk or some other liquid in your car then you have a real problem. The smell finds its way into the core of your upholstery and carpets, meaning that no mater how much you clean the surface the smell remains deep inside.

odour elimination

We are pleased to inform you that we use the AROMATEK method for deoderising your car.

AROMATEK is a permanent solution to in-vehicle odors. The system uses dry vapor produced from natural essential oils to:

  • Neutralise and permanently remove malodors such as those produced by tobacco smoke, animals and food.
  • Re-odourise and refresh "stale" interiors.

Unlike conventional air-fresheners the dry vapour produced by the our system penetrates deep into the porous surfaces inside the vehicle.

Call now about giving your car the AROMATEK treatment.

Machine Polishing

Machine Polishing

When your cars paintwork has become dull and faded due to oxidization, you can restore the original shine and luster with machine polishing. This process removes the “dead paint” as well as any fine surface scratches to give your car an amazing shine again.

Machine Polishing

Clay Bar


Every car finish shares a common enemy-pollution. Pollution relentlessly attacks your car from the second it leaves the factory and throughout its existence.

It's in the air we breathe - it’s on the roads we drive, and it attaches to your car's paint surface, where it bonds and begins the process of oxidation.

Surface contamination is difficult to clean or polish off, but our paint cleaning clay removes it with ease.

When contaminants build on your cars paint, washing alone will not be enough to remove them. Pre-wax cleaners cannot exfoliate large particles. In this case you have two choices; use a polishing compound (which removes a lot of paint material) or alternatively, apply a clay bar. Clay isn’t a polish or a compound, it is a surface preparation bar that smooths the paint and exfoliates contamination.


A perfect driving record will not protect your car from the exposure to every day airborne pollutants which can include anything from brake dust to industrial fallout and may even contain damaging metal shavings. If these contaminants penetrate the clear coat it is possible for them to oxidise, creating rust. Clay can prevent future corrosion by removing the harmful particles, as well as restoring your clear coat to its former glory.

before claying After Claying


Because your vehicle will collect all manner of contamination from many sources, it is safe to say that in most cases, a good claying is probably well overdue. Of course, different driving and storage conditions can affect the accumulation of these pollutants. There is, however, a simple way for you to assess the extent of the problem for yourself.

To do the test, begin by washing and drying your vehicle as normal. When you are finished, place your hand inside a sandwich bag and lightly rub it over the surface of the car. The gritty, rough spots you can feel through the plastic bag are evidence of contamination and can be removed with clay barring.

Once clay barred the surface contamination will be removed and the paintwork should feel as smooth as glass and ready for waxing.

claying paintwork from
Leather Seat Conditioning

When applied to clean seats the rich conditioning cream (recommended by Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and Mercedes) helps protect and rejuvenate the leather. By replacing natural oils this helps prevent the leather from cracking and splitting.

Mini Valet from