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The Benefits of Regular Valeting:

What is regular valeting?

Some of our customers have their cars done every month, a few have it done every week. But on the whole, when we talk about regular valeting, we mean often enough for us manage the condition of your vehicle, to keep on top of problems, prepare your car for the seasons and make sure your paint protection is topped up. This means 3-4 times a year. In between these times you should wash your car by hand yourself not with an automated car wash! A well waxed valeted car washes easily.


Our main aim is to maximise the value of your vehicle and maintain it in that condition, so that it makes you look good. You get a car in tip top condition, not just because you have had it valeted when it is time to sell it, but the whole time you own it, your car will always look like brand new. And when it does come to sell your car, it will be in pristine condition and fetch the highest price for a car of it's age. At this point you get back every penny you have spent on valeting.


What many people tend to do when they get a new car is to start off with good intentions. But we lead busy lives and after a while the washing and waxing turns into just a quick wash. And then the time between washing gets longer and longer. Without regular waxing the paintwork becomes oxidized and probably stained. With the paintwork dull and flat it becomes harder to clean and it becomes an unrewarding chore. Your car is left dirty more of the time. The dirt contains road salts and pollutants which now cling to your paintwork and further attack your paintwork. Some of these harmful contaminants will eventually get all the way through your paintwork to the metalwork where they cause rust, especially where the paintwork has become broken by stone chips and the kind of scuffs and scratches you pick up in supermarket car parks. You get more and more of these and they don't seem to matter so much any more. And that's just the outside.

Before you know it you are calling your car 'my taxi' or 'my old banger' and thinking that it's time you traded it in for a new one. But when you come to sell your car you find out that it is worth hundreds or thousands less than than similar cars of the same age which are in good condition. Only then do you think of phoning a valeter.


We think you should bring your car to us from new. We have protective coating for your paintwork, coatings for your seats and carpets, even rain and mist repellent coatings for your windows! With all these coatings, your car becomes easy to keep clean, just bring it back to us every once in a while for a check-up and top-up. So on those sunny afternoons (should it stop raining) there shouldn't be much for you to do but wash, rinse and leather off. and with us keeping your paintwork highly polished, this becomes a rewarding task as each wash producing an excellent glossy finish.

But unless you go to great lengths, you will not get your car 100% clean. Dirt will accumulate in those hard to reach areas where your sponge won't go. You will also get a build up of road traffic film, you can often see this as an oily film on your windscreen. Bringing your car to us on a regular basis will allow us to remove this build up with special chemicals and our hot pressure washers.

Dirt causes damage and ages your car, this in turn devalues your car. The dirt on the outside contains pollutants and harmful compounds which destroy paintwork, dirt and grit on the inside acts like sandpaper as it is ground into your fabrics causing wear. Having it removed regularly keeps wear and tear to a minimum. And I'm sure you have heard it before,but if you keep your car (house, garden, or whatever) clean and in good condition, you tend to take more care and look after it better. There has been a whole new genre of TV programs dedicated to houses such as 'How clean is your House' and 'house Doctor'. All the principles learned on these shows about cleaning and maximising value also applies to your car. With out a doubt, the time your car ages most is in the winter months. It is wet all the time, the council put salt and grit on the roads, both extremely harmful to your car. Wet mud get is into your car making it dirty and damp, and it stays damp for months. This can cause germs, bacteria and mildew.

We believe you should visit us in the autumn around October and allow us to prepare your car for winter. This is the time that it is important to repair all broken paintwork and apply a good thick coat of long life wax. And again, we would like to see your car in early March for a spring clean so we can remove the winter from your vehicle and correct any problems caused by the harsh months. We would also like to see you around July because the Summer months bring their own problems. The hot sun burns the wax from your car and leaves it vulnerable to UV radiation. And the Warm winds which from Russian or up from Africa carry with them a fine gritty dust which settles on your car (the dust from the East is grey, the dust from the South is pink), this dust causes fine scratches all over your car which require polishing to remove the. The other thing about the summer is that those cold fizzy drinks have a habit of ending up being splashed onto the seats.


So there you have it, we believe you should bring your car to us from new, and keep bringing it back at least three times a year. This isn't as expensive as you may think, not just because we allow you to take advantage of special deals and discounts if you book regularly, but because if you allow us to keep on top of your problems, there won't be so much work for us to do, you won't need to buy a full valet every time you visit us. But every penny you do spend will be an investment which will be paid back to you when it becomes time to sell your car. Time and time again we have proved that cars kept in A1 condition fetch thousands of pounds more than those in average or poor condition. That in it's self is reason to have regular valeting. Having a car in pristine condition the whole time you own it is the bonus!


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