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Valeting Saves You Money!


When we valet your car, our aim isn't just to 'give it a good clean', we aim to maximize and maintain it's value, when you buy it, while you own it, and when you come to sell it. Car Valeting has moved on a long way from the man in a white van who comes around with with a bucket and leather, washes your car, then slaps on some silicone to make the plastic bits shiny! We take advantage of the latest technological and chemical advancements, along with techniques imported from Scandinavia and America to restore, protect and preserve your car in pristine condition. Valeting is an investment which pays you back when you come to sell, you will find that your car is worth thousands of pounds more than similar cars of the same age. But you also get the added bonus of having a car in tip top condition the whole time you own it.


From the moment you collect your car, valeting will help you to maintain your cars condition. Our Sealants and protective coatings can protect your paintwork, and upholstery. This means your car stays new looking for much longer, therefore holding it's value. Learn More about paint sealants on our services page


Regular valeting keeps your car clean in a way that automated or hand washing cannot do. This is important because dirt and grime and the pollutants they contain, ages your car inside and out.

Thorough valeting with hot pressure washers and shampoo machines and extractors removes this dirt from the Recesses in your bodywork and from the depths of your seats and carpets.


By taking advantage of our valeting services which protect and preserve, you will avoid many problems which can devalue your car such as faded and dull paintwork, or worn and cracked leather upholstery. But should these or any other problem arise, we can deal with them. You would be amazed with what we can do to restore paintwork, and with a full range of smart repair services, we can breath new life into any car no matter how old and tired.